Frozen Demo Bow Bag

So I decided to make my favorite bag, the Bow Bag, without the internal pockets to see the difference it would make. I have to admit that I actually like it better. I’m one of the girls that can go without pockets in a purse because I carry little bags that contain the things that normally would go in pockets. The bag seemed much more spacious without the large internal pockets. Plus, it’s “Frozen.” What could possibly go wrong with it? :)



IMG_0155 IMG_0157


Imagewca2014_exhib_floorplan <——– click here for the floorplan!!

That’s right!! It’s official!! I will be at WonderCon Anaheim 2014 from April 18-20 at the Anaheim Convention Center! I am booth AA (Artist’s Alley) 277. I will be a corner booth, so you can reach me from all different angles! :) I will be next to my sister’s shop, Girl With One Eye. She also works with clothing and custom costuming, so it will be great to finally sell next to each other, and not crowded at the same booth!

And what could be even better? Additional purse styles, new hair bows, and a chance to win a purse and other handmade items!! Plus you’ll get to see me in brand new cosplay outfits! :)

“Rewrite this Story”

There are so many times that the idea has popped into my head that everything was wrong and needed to be fixed. The 2013 year, and even the beginning of this year, has had a lot of that sort of thinking. There have been several large, life altering things that have occurred: separation, births, deaths, moves. Overall, I have created a very complicated, melodramatic life for myself. 

There is a song that was written for the show “Smash” in which the characters in the Broadway production want to “rewrite” their story- create a new life for themselves that was far away from their old, humdrum and sometimes complicated lives. Now, in the show, this of course backfires and creates more drama, but that’s what TV is all about. However, this is what I am looking at doing in my own life.

I am determined to “rewrite” the story of my life. I am finally going to be finally for divorce and regaining control of my life. I will be sewing when I get a chance, exploring the local mines as often as possible, and trying to take better care of myself. I am finally beginning to understand that I have to take care of myself before I can take care of other people. I have an amazing support network at my work and at my home. My friends have become an integral part of my life, sometimes more than my beloved family, simply because of distance.  I am done letting people dictate my life and walk all over me. It may have taken 26 years for me to realize that, but in the grand scheme of things, that isn’t so bad. The mistakes of my past can be remedied with a little effort and focus.

Overall, my life isn’t as horrible as I thought, but it definitely needs to go through some tough edits to make it to the final draft.